treading in the land of giants
Orgtree is an food tech startup looking at promoting millets as a staple for snacks. Orgtree is entering a market where the smallest of production units produces in a day what we cannot do in a month at full capacity. It is not a boutique artisanal snacks company. We Wanted to make a dent in the snacks universe. We have to be scalable, we also have to be profitable and self sufficient. We are a premium foods company that believes in the farm-to-table model of food distribution for it to remain healthy and fresh.
But why millets?
Millets are full of vitamins and protein, they have no gluten and eating them helps to inhibit the oxidants. They are also a brilliant grain to produce. They grow in almost any condition, in fairly infertile soil, and use very little water. There is a reason our forefathers decided to stick to millets when irrigation was hyperlocal. We want to bring that back now. With our line of products, we hope to take away the guilt from everyday snacking.

our cookie
So is this like a traditional Indian snack?
Not at all, It is a modern indian snack, which builds on centuries of traditional farming and processing techniques.

The position was always intended to be that of a premium Indian snack brand, that build upon tradition and yet stayed relevant to its intended customers. We did not want to mock tradition but instead we intend to build upon the rich history of millets and adapt it to more contemporary tastes.
The cornerstone of our work, was to use less, the millets use less water, we put the millets through the least amount of processes possible to get a final ready to eat snack, the distance between the producer and the consumer is reduced, the only thing we now had to cut down further was the packaging.

The Packaging

The boxes had to stand out. Visually, they have to leap out of the shelves, we wanted a feel of premium to them but not alienating. We wanted a forge a connection of quality and familiarity and not of aspiration to these.
orgtree classic kodo millet.
We designed 2 sizes, 1, for personal use, and an institutional size, because the lesser we use to pack and ship, the lesser we need to waste. The larger sizes had 2 packets of half kilograms pouches, where as the personal use box had 6 individual pouches that you could carry with you instead of a box.
big box small box.

orgtree logo construction
The org tree monogram was conceived as a homage to the various shapes and sizes these grains come in, each with its uniqueness in taste, texture and nutritional value. Each of them also with a sense of history with the region.

The Visual Design Process

orgtree logo construction

Beyond Design

Millets dont bake like regular glutenous cookies. They are less heat permeable, so for all the flour to bake uniformly, the sugar to flour ratio needed to be readjusted, we shifted the format of the cookie from wire-cut to
We also transitioned from wire-cut to dropped production to ensure a more uniform baking, and a crispier snack.
This made each piece lighter, reduced baking inconsistencies, and reduced wastage during production by almost 30%.
new cookie changed

We also set up processes for a reducing the weight of the work on the supply chain network that we had inherited from legacy distribution systems. Instead of using the regular farmer-manufacturer-storage-super distributor-distributor-store-customer, we tried to reduce the distance between the farmer and the end consumer
direct sales vs a tree of distribution