Saxam Earth Private Limited

To build a familiar disruptor
Saxam is an attempt to get people who have otherwise been only looked at as consumers to partake in land buying. In no small way, saxam is an attempt at democratising real estate and making affordable housing profitable for all parties involved.
But saxam is new, and new is temporary. Familiar is trustworthy. Saxam needed to invoke the respect that age old institutions had commanded.
Saxam had to become boring. Fast

Saxam is a sanskrit compound word that has evolved from ‘kshamata’, meaning capability, strength suitability and adeqacy. Saxam means one who is strong, capable, and independent. Which is what we intend to make the middle class, in india

We scaled to traditional forms of distribution of information, the intended audience wasn’t as internet savvy as the new age buyers were. We wanted to tap into the true middle class of india, the ones that save small each month, keep their savings in low risk investments instead of the high risk high rewards portfolios. All our material went analog first, with the whole process broken down into very clear, understandable bits, with our personnel walking them through each step of the way.
saxam logo


Saxam is conceived as a multi-lingual brand. Its Indian-ness was its
The monogram, had to be simple, and should feel familiar within any of the languages it got translated into. The “KSHA’ was chose for this very purpose because phonetically it is uniquely Indian. There aren’t many languages that posses that sound giving it both familiarity and its uniqueness.

The saxam process